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A visual celebration of borneos wildlife is an important and positive contribution about this island that is better known in the global media for its high rates of deforestation, carbon. Join photojournalist aaron gekoski and the borneo wildlife rescue unit as they tackle a series of wildlife challenges. The terrestrial mammals are dominated by the chiroptera 102 species of bats and rodents 61 species of rats and mice. Watch borneo wildlife rescue season 1 now on your favorite device. Borneo is a place where you really are born to be wild.

Final quotes are fully inclusive of transport, accomodation and experiences, abtaatol protected. The jungle of the red spirit top documentary films. Borneo wildlife preservation focused on the survival of. Scott and i did this and had the best wildlife safari in borneo. Dear valued guests, given the unprecedented impact of covid19 and the latest restricted movement order issued by malaysia government to contain the covid19 spread, amazing borneo tours is temporarily suspending our tours from 18 31st march 2020 amazing borneo will allow postponement to a later date between 3rd april 2020 30th december 2021 using the. Borneo wildlife expeditions sabah forum tripadvisor. Some of the animals which call borneo home include. With baby faces, huge ears, short trunks, round bellies and long tails, which trail to the ground inbetween their stumpy legs, they have a much gentler temperament than. Borneo is a melting pot of religions, cuisines, cultures. A nature lovers paradise, whose beauty and animals are equalled only by sarawak and the world heritage mulu national park with its immense cave. Borneos rainforest wildlife borneos danum valley conservation area is home to a wide variety of animals, from endangered elephants to rare giant amphibians. The island is estimated to be home to over 200 species of mammal, over 400 types of bird, 100 varieties of amphibians and almost 400 fish, many of these endemic to borneo. To truly experience borneo is to immerse yourself in the stunning lush jungle home to some of the worlds most exquisite wildlife. Organizations which care with wildlife, nature conservation, reforestation, environment, rescue, wildlife release back.

We stayed in the world famous sukau rainforest lodge in sabah, malaysian borneo. This page is only founded wildlife from borneo, sarawak to encourage bird enthusiasts generate more interest search another new species, 100% totally wild. Borneo jobs kalimantan sabah sarawak travel volunteering wildlife and nature orang utan volunteering in borneo what they do not tell you 03022018 29082019 alex w. Proboscis monkeys are easy to identify because of their unusually large noses and unique calls. Download free wildlife stock video footage and motion graphics with 4k and hd clips available. Malaysia and brunei in the north, and indonesia to the south. Bluray 4k is now not only discs, download 4k movie to a computer, or an external hard drive and plug it into your uhd tv. With so many great lodges to choose from, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming trying to decide where to stay.

My partner and i have recently returned from a holiday in borneo, and did two wildlife expeditions tours while there the seven day wildlife tour across sabah and the three day mulu extension tour in sarawak. At the geographic centre of maritime southeast asia, in relation to major indonesian islands, it is located north of java, west of sulawesi, and east of sumatra the island is politically divided among three countries. Starting with a visit to majestic mt kinabalu, we then continue to one of the trip highlights the pristine danum valley. We see borneos jungle transforming into oilpalm monocultures in a. Borneo is home to some of the most diverse and beautiful wildlife in the whole of south east asia. It harbours large and continuous tracts of virgin montane forest, much of which remains unexplored.

A giant python is terrorizing local villagers, a saltwater crocodile lays claim to busy stretch of river, and a group of rescued orphan elephants need playtime as part of a program that prepares them for a return to the wild. Finding rare wildlife in borneo the place that holds the largest potential for new discoveries is the heart of borneo. The best wildlife safari in borneo a 3 day trip with. Free wildlife stock video footage download 4k hd 2039 clips. Borneos luscious rainforests provide the perfect home for over 1,400 different species of animal, and well over 10,000 species of plant, meaning the biodiversity found on the worlds 3 rd largest island is second to none. Follow wildlife photojournalist, aaron bertie gekoski, as he trains to become a wildlife ranger with the wildlife rescue unit, an elite group of vets and rangers whose mission it is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome borneos endangered wildlife. Borneo wildlife mission statement promoting vital solutions to animal suffering, clear cutting of rain forests, and sustainability of renewable natural resources.

Borneo is the thirdlargest island in the world with an area of 743,330 square kilometres 287,000 sq mi and is the largest island in asia. We have 4 nights to spend in malaysian borneo, sept 5th 10th, before meeting friends on perhentian, i appreciate we are only going to get a taste in such a short time but hopefully someone can suggest an itinerary that sums up a little of what borneo is about. From swinging orangutans and honking proboscis monkeys, to sandy beaches and exploring the jungle, this safari is perfect for families with just the right mix of wildlife, relaxation and adrenaline. Orangutans are the huge draw, but proboscis monkeys are perpetual crowd pleasers, and the chance of spotting the more elusive clouded leopards, tarsiers, slow lorises, sun bears and pygmy elephants on foot or by boat keep wildlife fans on their. Head into the verdant wilds of the borneo jungle to encounter its most emblematic gingerfurred apes and other wildlife on a 9 day borneo tour the lush jungle of borneo is one of the worlds last remaining landscapes of its kind. Top 5 wildlife lodges in borneo specialist tailormade. Hike and snorkel malaysian borneo on an 11day wildlife tour, including river safaris, rain forest visits, and overnights in the tabin wildlife reserve. The mammal species of borneo include 288 species of terrestrial and 91 species of marine mammals recorded within the territorial boundaries of brunei, indonesia and malaysia. Staying in the state of sabah, we did the kinabatangan wildlife safari tour for 3 days and 2 nights. Thanks to ongoing conservation projects, mostly funded by tourism, a lot of borneos magical jungles remained untouched and offer some of the most spectacular landscapes on earth.

Respectively almost half of borneo belongs to indonesia and malaysia. Our goal is to protect rain forests and wildlife of borneo. In this brand new documentary series for itv, national treasure dame judi dench embarks on a wild adventure to borneo to explore one of the. Full 4k ultra hd documentary movies for download the motto of our site. A holiday with a beach and nature focus in borneo from experience travel group. We have taken the hassle away, giving you our top five wildlife lodges, complete with the animals you are likely to see whilst there. A journey from borneos rich coral reefs, through lush jungles to its mountainous heart. Join us as we embark on this onceinalifetime wildlife adventure. Borneo and sumatra are the only places in the world where orangutans can be found in the wild. Rightly known as one of asias best wildlife destinations, borneo is a great destination for anyone with an appreciation for animals. Join photojournalist aaron gekoski and the borneo wildlife rescue unit as they. Explore the jungles of borneo on this 4day tour from sukau rainforest lodge, where you can explore the gomantong caves and cruise the kinabatangan river with your naturalist guide in search of pygmy elephants, orangutans, proboscis monkeys and rhinoceros hornbills, and perhaps even an orangutan. But with such immense biodiversity on this huge and ancient chunk of the earths crust, orangutans are not the only highlight of borneo holidays.

Holidays to borneo offer unrivalled access to rainforest wildlife, rich history and culture and stunningly picturesque settings. Kinabatangan wildlife sanctuary wildlife location in. Wildlife documentary collection addeddate 20160318. You cant think of borneo without thinking of its endemic and wonderful mascot, the orangutan. Acclaimed natural historian david attenborough brings his trademark infectious enthusiasm to attenborough and the empire of the ants, an hourlong exploration into the secret lives. A unique and comprehensive exploration, by day and by night, of borneos wildlife, including endemic birds and mammals and a host of rarely seen nocturnal species. Sharks eagles whales coyotes crocodiles grizzly bears parrots penguins platypuses deer cats turtles. Volatile weather events continue to dominate the news and decimate cities across america. On our site you will find all the documentary 4k movies. The third largest island in the world, borneo is stunning for its verdant jungles, dramatic coastlines, and incredible biodiversity. Illustrated with more than 200 stunning photographs, this book offers a vivid celebration of borneos many natural wonders. In the midst of the indopacific region lies borneo, the thirdlargest island of the world. Best of borneo wildlife, sabah, malaysia borneo adventure. Explore over 2039 high quality clips to use on your next personal.

Saving the borneo elephantfull documentaryhd youtube. The montane forests of borneo are like high altitude islands in a sea of lowland dipterocarp forests. We have a range of options from trekking through protected sepilok forest reserve home to sepilok sanctuary through to staying in ancient rainforest in danum valley or tabin reserve. Borneo wildlife adventure national geographic expeditions.

Visiting mount kinabalu, deramakot forest reserve, the kinabatangan river and tabin wildlife reserve, it offers the very best of wild borneo. There are fewer than 1,000 pygmy elephants in the wild, including along the kinabatangan. Thanks to ongoing conservation projects, wildlife preservation programs and ecotourism efforts, this jungle is one of the oldest and most biodiverse on the. Published in association with the world wildlife fund for nature, wild borneo also examines the ongoing attempts to preserve the islands natural resources in the face of commercial logging and largescale land clearing. To adapt to life in the dense rainforest, borneos bears and elephants became the. Learn more about the charismatic creatures that make borneo the most biodiverse place on the planet, along with some of the. The kinabatangan river is home to borneo primates such as proboscis monkeys, crocodiles, orang utan, pygmy elephants and various species of birds. Subtours tabin wildlife resort amazing borneo tours. We had a wonderful time and fell in love with this beautiful little part of the world. All sabah wildlife adventure tours amazing borneo tours. With so many untouched areas of rainforest, coastal mangroves and mountainous terrain, there are primates and predators, elephants and exquisite birds everywhere. Animals simply walked across and, once isolated, evolved into new species.

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