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This is the first law of alchemy equivalant exchange. Every time you use modgicians minecraft mod installer, you are supporting mod developers and giving back to them financially. Equivalent exchange 2 by x3n0ph0b3, pahimar, nicknusgart. If you dont already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version. The mechanics of the game is to convert any material or object to another form. Thanks to him and ruyan for supporting the pack and others. It allows materials to be transmuted into other materials based on their emc values. It adds in a number of extremely powerful endgame items that require large quantities of diamond to make, and large quantities of glowstone to power.

Alchemy equivalent exchange in vanilla minecraft 1. Discover powerful alchemical tools, items, and devices. If this offends your minecrafting sensibilities, this may not be the mod for you. Unlike the energy condenser, the output material does not need to be in the machine before it is transmuted. This article is about equivalent exchange 2 for minecraft 1. Alchemy in vanilla minecraft create a transmutation circle gather your resources and get alchemizing in order to gain something of a certain value something of equal value must be produced. Download and install helpful villagers mod for minecraft introduction. You can find there many minecraft mods working for latest minecraft version. The helpful villagers mod is a great addition to the game to g. It also grants the ability to easily condense materials into more valuable forms, up to diamonds and diamond ore. Godofneon made some nice 32px textures for equivalent exchange 2 as part of emkay443s version of gerudoku. To use the mod installer, you will need a modgician account. Designed for the modern minecraft versions, this mod features new things, while showcasing the old features.

Caden donuts has created a sphax addon for equivalent exchange. It adds a lot of what is classified by many as endgame content, to make you feel more godlike in your sandbox world. Equivalent exchange adds alchemy to your world, allowing complex structures to be built more easily while using the same general crafting techniques of standard minecraft. The equivalent exchange 3 mod for minecraft is a game mod which allows for the user to attain certain items and materials earlier in the game that may normally take hours, or even days of long and hard work. Download modpacks equivalent exchange modpack for game minecraft 1. It has later grown to be the main subreddit for all things related to modded minecraft. They are avalible very earlygame at the cost of some stone, wood, iron and glass. The creator chattercoma added some features and content to the current ee3 codebase in an effort so make a mod resembling the older ee2. Equivalent exchange 3 is a modification for minecraft that focuses around alchemy and the equivalent exchange principle short list of changes between equivalent exchange 2 and this mod. Equivalent exchange 2 is a mod originally written by x3n0ph0b3 and later maintained by pahimar. If youre using sphax rockin texture pack and would like the ee stuff to match, it already exists. Many valuable or useful items in minecraft take huge amounts of.

However, the transmutation tablet must learn the output materials before it can transmute them. The mod equivalent exchange has recently been updated to the latest minecraft version. Here are just a few of the new changes that have come out with the mod. The mod adds all the old items and blocks back such as the destruction catalyst, gem armor and of course energy condensers. Original by x3n0ph0b3, then maintained by pahimar, finally updated by nicknusgart. Transmutation tablet equivalent exchange 2 official. The destruction catalyst is a tool from equivalent exchange 2. Equivalent exchange for starbound starbound mod inspired by the minecraft mod equivalent exchange 2 the mod is also available in steam. Step 2 type in the modpack name equivalent exchange 3 ee3. Equivalent exchange 2 ee2 for modern minecraft versions. The destruction catalyst and hyperkinetic lens have been removed the emc system will remain, but it will be changed. Equivalent exchange 3 minecraft universe wiki fandom. This mod adds all the old items and blocks back such as the destruction catalyst, gem armor and of course energy condensers.

The mod itself works by transmuting blocks of material into other items with and equivalent value. Projecte mod is a remake of equivalent exchange 2 or ee2 for short. Equivalent exchange 3 mod for minecraft is release all over the world for the latest version of minecraft. This will download ee3s source into an equivalentexchange3 folder such as c. This mod helps you to transmute tons of materials into other materials. Equivalent exchange is a major part of the technic pack. The end result is equivalent exchange reborn, about 55% of the code is pahimars and other code is chattercomas.

While the equivalent exchange 2 ee2is sort of old mod for minecraft 1. Right now, you should have a directory that looks something like. Equivalent exchange for starbound chucklefish forums. The equivalent exchange mod is a minecraft addition especially popular with players who prefer to play minecraft for its extensive sandbox abilities. Mod developers will be given a personal flair when confirmed. It brings back fully old items and blocks such as gem armor, energy condensers, and the destruction catalyst.

It adds alot of many other options which will be experienced by you by using it. So we can redo the transmutation of objects, converting many elements of little value into few elements of much value, or vice versa. The projecte mod takes equivalent exchange 2 and updates it to 1. A complete rewrite of ee2 equivalent exchange 2 for modern minecraft versions. Break down unwanted items into emc energymatter covalence and use that emc to create new items. The mod adds a variety of mainly lategame alchemical items as well as transmutation to the game. Only post content relating to modded minecraft or minecraft mods.

The mod has all the features of the popular equivalent exchange 2 mod, and more. To start off youll want to craft some basic machines calcinator, aludel base, glass bell and research station. For all fullmetal alchemist lovers worldwide, they will surely love this latest edition from minecraft as equivalent exchange 3 mod is now out in the public. This mod adds all the old items and blocks back such as the. The equivalent exchange mod is based around alchemy.

Original by x3n0ph0b3, then maintained by pahimar, finally updated by. Transmutation tables, collectors, condensers, flying rings, and all the other trinkets you love are here. Basic transmutation can be done in any crafting grid using the philosophers stone, however for the transmutation of most items a transmutation tablet is necessay. This tool is used to mine out large areas of the world instantly, at the cost of 8 emc per block destroyed. Moreover, all things from ee2 you like are included here from transmutation tables, condensers, collectors to flying rings and multiple trinkets. Equivalent exchange reborn wiki fandom powered by wikia. When charged, it will mine out 3x3x4, 3x3x9, or 3x3x16 depending on its charge level. Getting started pahimarequivalentexchange3 wiki github. Minecraft projecte mod spotlight ee2 remake, equivalent. The official equivalent exchange 2 wiki can be found at. Ee2 returns to minecraft in the form of projecte, a brand new mod for minecraft 1. Equivalent exchange 2 is back projecte minecraft 1. Destruction catalyst equivalent exchange 2 official.

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