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Which type of extinguisher has a hard horn on the end of a flexible hose or metal arm. A im the extinguisher nozzle or hose at the base of the fire. Class a fires involving ordinary combustibles such as wood, paper, cardboard, and most plastics. Basic fire extinguisher training course the information contained in this manual was obtained from the international fire service training association ifsta and the national fire protection association nfpa, and is used strictly for training purposes by the department of public safetys bureau of fire prevention. Classes of fires and extinguishers not all fires are the same.

Back away from an extinguished fire in case it flames up again. This exam will test your knowledge regarding fire extinguishers and their uses. Fire extinguisher classification lafayette, in official. Fire extinguisher ratings are based on the five classes of fires. How to use a fire extinguisher only attempt to fight a fire if it is small and contained, you have a means of escape at your back, you know what is burning and your instincts tell you its okay.

The fire classification system is designed to categorise fires into. Youve got to choose the right fire extinguisher for the job. Fire extinguisher training yale emergency management. Fire extinguisher technicians full course 4 days ifeda. Dnvglst0371 edition june 2015 fire safety portable fire extinguishers. You can usually find them in hallways, laundry rooms, meeting rooms, kitchens, mechanicalelectrical rooms, and near exit doors. Bc fire extinguisher can extinguish a fire over 10 sq ft.

Fire extinguisher training st marys, fetcham, fire extinguisher training. An apw water extinguisher is safe to use on an electrical fire. S squeeze the top handle or lever, this will release the pressurized extinguishing agent. They are safe to use on electrical fires as there is. What do the letters and numbers by the fire extinguisher. Class c fires involve live electrical equipment and require the use of an extinguishing agent andor extinguisher that will not conduct electricity back to the fire. It is important that you select an extinguisher that is appropriate for the class of fire that you may encounter. Water and foam based extinguishers should not be used on fires involving an electrical. The numbers before b and c are a measure of the amount of square feet the fire extinguisher can put out. Each fire extinguisher will be assigned a unique number.

Always position yourself with an exit or means of escape behind you before you attempt to use an extinguisher to put out a fire. Fire extinguisher technicians full course 4 days course description this fire extinguisher technicians full course is ideal for anyone wishing to undertake and become a competent person in the election and installation, and commissioning and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers are labeled with standard symbols identifying the types of fires they can fight. Class k fires are fires in cooking oils and greases such as animal fats and vegetable fats. If you use the wrong type of fire extinguisher on a fire, you can, in fact, make matters worse. Fire extinguishers are divided into four categories, based on different types of fires.

There are six different classes of fire and several different types of fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers are categorized by the types of fires they can extinguish and the size of the fire they are capable of extinguishing. This useful guide provides the enduser with information about how to choose, use and site fire extinguishers. Dry chemical extinguishers put out fire by coating the fuel with a thin layer of dust, separating the fuel. There are several different classifications of fires based primarily on the fuel source.

Some extinguishers are combination types that can be used on several different types of fires. Avoid placing it in an extremely hot or cold place. Upon activating the fire extinguisher, the bottom of the extinguisher body failed. Basic fire extinguisher training online powerpoint training. The fire classification system is designed to categorise fires into groups based on the type of fuel involved. Fire extinguisher safety training this training program was established to create a broader awareness for the safety of the university of northern iowa students, faculty and staff and their environment. This is produced as a guide, always check manufacturers recommendations for use and suitability.

Be sure that the fire extinguisher is large enough to put out the fire because many portable types will discharge completely within a matter of seconds. It is therefore critical to select the right extinguishers, then correctly position and maintain the equipment. Some extinguishers are classified for only one type of fire, others may be classified for multiple types of fires. Carbon dioxide extinguisher works on classes b and c and works by suffocating the fire. Fire extinguisher classification it is vital to know what type of extinguisher you are using. Type of extinguishers and the classes of fire for which they can be used.

Class a class a extinguishers are for ordinary combustible materials such as paper, wood, cardboard, and most plastics. This test is intended for use by members of pumping station. It is a must both in homes and businesses to place fire extinguishers throughout the building for safety. Know what to do if you find a fire be able to correctly and safely select. No equipment, boxes or product may be placed even temporarily in the way of a fire extinguisher. The five classes of fire fire prevention methods types of fire extinguishers including type k how to select the appropriate fire extinguisher how to correctly use a fire extinguisher situations when not to fight a fire fire extinguisher inspection program contents. Whenever possible, use the buddy system when using a fire extinguisher. The district encourages all businesses and homeowners to keep a fire extinguisher available, especially in kitchen and garage areas, and offer training to those who may need to use the extinguisher. For example the number in front of the a classification is the rating and indicates how much water the extinguisher is equivalent to, and.

This type of fire burns with an ember, leaves an ash, and is best extinguished by removing the heat side of the triangle. Fire extinguisher training revolution fire protection ltd. Class d fires are fires in combustible metals such as potassium, sodium. The label shown below on the fire extinguisher will have either a letter rating or a picture denoting which class it is good for. Extinguishes by cooling burning material below the ignition point. Also the type of fires it is appropriate and safe to use on. Do you have the right fire extinguishers for your unique risks. It is not intended for use on an outofcontrol fire, such as one which has reached the ceiling, endangers the user i.

A good way to ensure this is to keep the exit at your back. Carbon dioxide extinguishers are designed for which types of fuels. Fire extinguishers safety training handout extinguishers are classed by the type fire they can put out. Explain the extinguisher location and spacing rules in nfpa 10 materials needed. Use the fire extinguisher only if you have attended practical training. The bullseye laserdriven fire extinguisher training system is utilized to provide a safe, handson training experience. All extinguishers now have a 5% area of the label that is colour coded which denotes its contents see colour coded bands below. Per nfpa 10, burning may be classified into one or more of the following fire classes and your fire protection specialist will select the right fire extinguisher size and agent for the hazard. People also talk about fire extinguisher types in terms of the material that comes out of the extinguisher to put the fire out for example, water, carbon dioxide, powder, etc. Fire extinguisher safety training fuel classifications fires are classified according to the type of fuel that is burning. Fires are classified according to the type of fuel that is burning. The class, quantity, and placement of fire extinguishers.

The test laboratory shall confirm that the extinguisher body is properly documented. Discharge the extinguisher within its effective range using the p. Fire classes type water afff foam abc powder c0 2 wet. Fire basics fire extinguisher overview types of fire extinguishers following the. Fire extinguisher training university of california, san diego. Using the wrong type of extinguisher for the wrong type of fire can be life threatening. Option 1there are no portable fire extinguishers, and all employees are evacuated after an alarm is sounded. Every fire extinguisher is rated for the types of fires its effective in putting out. Class b fires involving flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel or oils. A brief lesson on the classes of fire and how to use a fire extinguisher there are four classes of fires. Class a fires involve wood, cloth, paper, rubber, plastic. Fire extinguishers are organized into five classes.

Carbon dioxide co2 co2 extinguishers are found where electrical appliances or flammable liquids are situated. Portable fire extinguishers proper selection reference 1910. Fire extinguishers are designed to tackle specific types of fire. Know what to do if you find a fire be able to correctly and safely select and use a. Fires are classified by the types of materials that are burning. If you are looking for the ultimate extinguisher in malaysia, you need to get an abc fire extinguisher.

Understand fire extinguisher types, operating procedures, capabilities, and limitations. Extinguishers used for these fires are identified by a green triangle with. Its very important to understand the four different fire fuel classifications. An abc extinguisher will have a label like this, indicating that it may be used on class a, b and c fires. Theres not enough time to read instructions when a fire occurs.

Online fire extinguisher training university of south. Fire is the rapid oxidation of any combustible material. St marys fire extinguisher training manual fire safety, at its most basic, is based upon the principle of keeping fuel sources and ignition sources separate. Complete the simple form below to immediately launch your complimentary online training course now. Using the wrong type of fire extinguisher can put yourself in danger or make the fire worse. Fire extinguisher guide fire extinguishers are there only to fight small fires. You have the proper fire extinguisher for what is burning. Class d combustible metals d magnesium sodium potassium titanium zirconium other flammable metals fire extinguisher types class a fires only. List the information contained on an extinguisher label 7.

You dont want to mistakenly use a bc extinguisher on a class a fire, thinking that it was an abc extinguisher. S sweep the extinguisher hose from side to side until the fire is completely out. Class a fires involving solid materials such as wood, paper or textiles. Using a fire extinguisher university of california. Remove the power and the class c fire becomes one of the other classes of fire. Fire extinguisher locations fire extinguishers are located throughout the workplace and readily accessible in the event of a fire. Evacuate immediately if the extinguisher is empty and the fire is not out.

The research methods for accomplishing the first of these three project goals involved searches of. Read about fire extinguishers classes, types and use to learn all about the right type of extinguisher to us in any situation. We want to increase staff confidence in an emergency, while helping promote a safer work environment. This powerpoint presentation will give you some knowledge about the fire triangle, the different classification of fires, the different types of fire extinguishers, and give you instruction on how to properly use a fire extinguisher. Unless you know what is burning, you wont know what type of fire extinguisher to use. Dnvglst0371 fire safety portable fire extinguishers. During the month of november, we are offering you the opportunity to take our fire extinguisher online class free of charge. Belvue business centre, belvue road, northolt, middlesex, ub5 5qq. Fire extinguisher training program fire safety, at its most basic, is based upon the principle of keeping fuel sources and ignition sources separate. This type of extinguisher is designed to handle the three primary types of fires.

Do not place this extinguisher close to a potential fire hazard. However, they must be of the correct type for the particular fire, and they must be used. The research methods for accomplishing the first of these three project goals involved searches of archived news stories and fire reports. Safety alert fire extinguisher a fatal injury occurred in indonesia resulting from the operation of a gas cartridge type dry chemical powder filled fire extinguisher. Fire is a rapid chemical reaction of oxidant with fuel. Employers that select this option are relieved from compliance with the fire extinguisher rule unless a specific osha standard in 29 cfr part 1910 requires that portable fire. The numerical rating on these types of extinguishers indicates the amount of water it holds and the amount of fire it can extinguish. Amerex recommends location at a 50 foot minimum distance from the hazard with an unobstructed access. Each fire extinguisher also has a numerical rating that serves as a guide for. The 3 as cont attempt attempt to fight a fire only after the first two steps have been completed and you feel confident in yourself to do so. Class b fires generally involve materials that boil or bubble.

If you need to purchase a fire extinguisher, you may have questions about the different types that are available. Types of fires and extinguishing agents the fire equipment. Fire extinguisher ratings numeral fire class range direct index of the size fire the quantity of agent can handle 1a thru 40a a trash wood paper indication of the square foot area of flammable liquid the extinguisher will handle 1b thru 640b b liquids grease c electrical equipment no numeral is used because there are no degrees of. Fire extinguishers are to be located so that no employee will ever be more than 75 feet from an extinguisher. Dry chemical extinguishers put out fire by coating the fuel with a. A fire extinguisher is an active fire protection device used to extinguish or control small fires, often in emergency situations.

The european standard bs en3 specifies that all fire extinguisher bodies are to be coloured red regardless of the contents of the extinguisher. Pull the pin aim at base of fire squeeze the handle sweep from side to side types of fires. Only use a fire extinguisher when the fire is in its early stages you dont know what is burning. The wrong type of extinguisher can be dangerous or life threatening. The image above shows a fire extinguisher that can put out types a, b, and c fires. Page 3 of 3 general fire principles of a fire extinguisher. Aug 08, 2017 fire extinguisher training can be presented for work groups upon request. Always have an exit to your back in case you need to escape. Osha requires a minimumrated 10b fire extinguisher be provided within 50 feet of the point of job site use of more than 5 gallons of flammable or combustible liquids or 5 pounds of flammable gas. Having your employees trained in the proper use of a fire extinguisher is important.

Fires are broken down into four classes as shown below. Class d firesare fires in combustible metals such as potassium, sodium, aluminum and magnesium. Portable fire extinguisher fire equipment manufacturers association. Today we will discuss the five different classes of fire. If you use the wrong type of fire extinguisher on the wrong class of fire, you might make matters worse. The documents are available free of charge in pdf format. For example, a simple water extinguisher might have a label like the one below, indicating that it should only be used on class a fires. Launch your free online fire extinguisher training now. When buying fire extinguishers for your business, its important to buy the right type of fire extinguisher for your needs. Extinguishers are labeled to correspond to the classes of fires they are designed to fight. Retraining retraining shall reestablish employee proficiency and introduce new or revised control methods and procedures, as necessary. Three things must be present at the same time to produce fire. Group sessions are often the best use of everyones training time, and a successful way for supervisors and safety coordinators to ensure employees receive training.

Use the right type of extinguisher for fighting the fire. A aim the extinguisher the base of the fire, this will allow you to hit the fuel. Represent the types of fire or class, for which the extinguisher has been approved for. Cooking fires cooking fires are the number one cause of home fires and home fire injuries. Each fire class is represented by a letter of the alphabet with the exception of electrical which are simply referred to as electrical fires and an icon. Chapter 4 employee fire and life safety training 7. Keep reading to learn more about abc fire extinguishers and why you need them in homes and offices in malaysia. Basic fire extinguisher training online powerpoint. The fire wont block your exit if you cant control it.

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